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Terms & Condition:

  1. Promotion Period: 6THNovember 2023 – 31ST January 2024
  2. This promotion is for BIG Pharmacy members only.
  3. Suppliers Extra Stamps:

          Customers will be given EXTRA Two (2) stamps or One (1) stamp in a single receipt from all participating brands.

  1. Combination of multiple receipts to a total sum of RM 50.00 are NOT ALLOWED.
  2. Each customer is only allowed to redeem up to a maximum of 100 stamps per day.
  3. ONLINE and OFFLINE stamp redemptions are available. Customers can only choose either online or offline for stamp redemption at a time. Cross redemption of stamps on both platforms at the same time is NOT ALLOWED.
  4. ONLINE Stamp Redemptionwill be automatically captured by system. Physical redemption paper and stamp is not required. Once the stamp collection is completed, the PWP merchandise will be displayed automatically for purchase upon checkout page.
  5. OFFLINE Stamp Redemption. Redemption paper and stamp collection is required. Once the stamp collection is completed, customers may purchase the PWP merchandise at BIG Pharmacy outlets.
  6. Stamp redemption must be made at the cashier counter on the same day of purchase with proof of original receipt. Proof of purchase at different outlets or on different date is NOT ALLOWED. 
  7. The stamps are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or any voucher.
  8. Each redemption paper can be used to redeem ONE UNIT of PWP merchandise from each category. Once redeemed, the redemption paper will be void.
  9. PWP merchandise is subject to WHILE STOCKS LAST.
  10. Any request for replacement of defective or faulty redemption product shall be made within seven days from the date of redemption. Any request made after said period shall not be entertained.
  11. The participant has no right to seek for replacement if faults occurred due to the misuse of the redemption product after redemption.
  12. BIG Pharmacy reserves the right to omit, add or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice and will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting therefrom. Any new or amended Terms and Conditions shall supersede the existing Terms and Conditions.
  13. By participating in this campaign, the Participant has read, understood, and agreed to bound by all Terms and Conditions.


BIG Rewards 2023 Vol.2