3 Skincare TikTok Trends

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Monday, August 08, 2022



Beauty hacks and beauty tips are plentiful. If you dive deep enough, this is one rabbit hole of many twists and turns.  

Today, we are looking to TikTok, yes, TikTok for the latest skincare trends. Read on as we cover the wacky world of skincare. Here are 3 skincare trends from TikTok.  

1. Face Icing

First, take a bowl and fill it with ice and icy water. Second, dunk your face into it for a few seconds. That’s it! You’ve done it the “face icing" reportedly seen on many TikTok. 

This Bella Hadid skincare trick is said to reduce wrinkles and shrink pores of your skin. Whilst the shrinking of pores may happen, it won’t reduce wrinkles.  Only the appearance of your wrinkles will look less as your blood vessels constrict.  

Remember, be gentle with this technique. Too much face icing can cause irritation and redness to your skin.

2. Hydrocolloid bandages for your face 

Yes, advanced waterproof wound care plaster are used for superficial wounds like burns. These bandages are now being used for face acne.  

Hydrocolloid plasters have been praised for their water absorbing abilities and waterproof abilities. A hydrocolloid plaster has 2 layers. The inner layer contains particles that absorb wound fluids and form a hydrated environment to promote wound healing. The outer layer forms a tight barrier seal to prevent bacterial contamination from outside sources.  

It’s relatively safe and when used on red and inflamed pimples for 12 hours, just to see it pull out pus and inflammation from it. Alternatively, you could try a traditional pimple patch, which may be more effective as it contains acne-fighting ingredients.  

This technique won’t be too effective on blackheads or whiteheads (kindly stick to your traditional blackhead strips).  

3. DIY Home Beauty Masks 

With all the chemicals found in beauty products and the rising cost of beauty, Tiktokers have been looking to their kitchen for that best home-made spa treatment.  

From all the wacky ingredients, here are some ingredients that you can apply safely onto your face.  

  • Honey  
  • Vinegar 
  • Coconut skins 
  • Avacados  
  • Teabags  
  • Orange skin 
  • Oatmeal  

And here are the ingredients to avoid applying onto your skin.  

  • Toothpaste  
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Citrus/lemon juice  
  • Raw eggs/egg white 
  • Milk


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