Membership FAQ
  1. What Is BIG Pharmacy Loyalty Programme?

    BIG Pharmacy Loyalty Programme is a FREE lifetime membership programme which enables a member earns and redeems Points, enjoys exclusive privileges while shopping at BIG Pharmacy outlets.


  1. How Does BIG Pharmacy Loyalty Programme Work?

    As a BIG Pharmacy Member, when you spend in any BIG Pharmacy outlet, you can earn your Points in your membership account which can then be used to redeem for BIG Pharmacy Cash Voucher. By providing your registered mobile number or Identity Card number to our cashier counter before pay for your bill, your transaction value will be captured automatically in your BIG Pharmacy Membership account.


  1. How Can I Apply For BIG Pharmacy Member?

    Membership is open to individuals who are 18 years old and above by presenting your MYCARD (NRIC) or Passport upon registration and notification of your Malaysia or Singapore mobile phone number. You may also apply Membership from BIG Pharmacy Mobile APP via Apple Store or Google Play.


  1. How Do I Check My Current Points Balance?

    You may visit to any BIG Pharmacy outlets or download BIG Pharmacy Mobile APP to check your current Points balance.


  1. How Long Are My Member Points Valid?

    Effective from 1 March 2020, Points are valid for a 24 months duration basis from the date any such Points were earned. For example, Points earned on 1 March 2020 are valid until 31 March 2022. However, any and all Points earned on and before 29 February 2020 will automatically expire on 28 February 2021.


  1. Can I Share My BIG Pharmacy Loyalty Account With Others For Members Benefit?

    We do not encourage sharing of your Membership Account to prevent cases of misappropriate of use.


  1. Is it Possible To Merge The Points Accumulated In The Two Different Membership Accounts Owned Separately By Me And My Friends Or Families?

    The BIG Pharmacy Loyalty Programme is designated for individual use by the respective Member only. No merging and transferring of Points from different Membership Account is allowed.


  1. How Do I Earn Points?

    For every RM1 nett spend at any BIG Pharmacy outlet, BIG Pharmacy Member will earn 1 Points.


  1. What Can I Do With The Points Earned?

    Points must be redeemed in a minimum block of 800 Points and can be used to offset purchases at any BIG Pharmacy outlet with every 800 Points redeemable at RM4.00. Points earned can also be used to redeem exclusive products for FREE or at a special price with every 800 Points.


  1. What Others Benefit Do I Get As A BIG Pharmacy Member?

    FREE Lifetime Membership

    Exclusive Invites

    Exclusive Member Voucher

    Track Member Purchase

    Received Email and SMS Update


  1. Are There Any Privacy Protection Measures For My Submitted Personal Data?

    All personal data submitted will be kept confidential secured. Your contact will be used solely by BIG Pharmacy for promotional purposes.


  1. How If I Would Like To Terminate My Membership Account With BIG Pharmacy?

    You may drop an email to [email protected] to request account termination or walk in to any BIG Pharmacy outlets by filling and returning the Membership Termination Form. Membership account will be terminated within 30 days working day upon receipt of any notice and past purchase history and earned Points will be cancelled and deleted.
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